CS:GO From A To Z: How To Play And Where To Bet

The legendary Counter-Strike shooter game emerged at the end of the XX century and right away gained popularity and conquered the market. The notable first-person shooter was a breakthrough, compared with the alternatives at that time. The developers put a lot of effort into the creation of a program and it has borne fruit.

Today players interact with a brand-new version of a game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). It is outstanding due to the graphics, plot, but more importantly, it creates a community of like-minded people. When you join the world of CS:GO, you become part of a huge cultural movement.

A massive part of the game takes gambling. CS:GO betting is a favorite time-spending activity for millions of people around the globe. The eSport generates a powerful market, bringing up to a billion dollars. Moreover, dozens of tournaments are held around the world, engaging fans and gamblers. The prizes for the winners and the tension is very high on such events. The best players take home reputation, pride and an impressive sum of money, whereas losers may even go bankrupt.

If you are a novice in online video games all these definitions may scare you. The amount of information you should learn is massive. But here is a simple guide which will come in handy both beginners and pros. We will look at the development of the game and its place in the eSport, review the top-ranked CS:GO gambling sites and offer some useful tips on how to bet efficiently.

Top CS:GO Gambling Sites

Last Updated: July 2020

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CS:GO History

The first ever version of CS hit the market in 1999. It was developed by the well-reputed Valve Corporation which stands behind numerous worldwide known video games. With the further development of Internet CS became what we know today – a first-person shooter with both online and offline modes.

CS:GO became available in 2012 and pleased the gamers a lot: brand-new maps, modes, and weapons, exciting features, convenient gameplay. It was definitely a home run in the industry of video games. The success was obvious due to the growing demand for the game.

But even 6 years later CS:GO is still a must and definitely a strong brand name. How is it so? The key to the popularity may be the following – the developers introduce updates to the game regularly. Apart from it, due to thoughtful gameplay CS:GO is equally interesting for novices and pros.

In recent years CS:GO also became a massive part of eSports. There are numerous websites that offer wide options of CS:GO betting with promising rewards. Millions of people transform the regular gambling into the lifestyle. They follow the latest news, statistics, watch tournaments and streams of the finest gamers.

So generally speaking the game triggered significant changes in the video game industry.

Key Things To Know About CS:GO

CS:GO is full of unique features, which may be difficult to understand at the first glance for a beginner. Let’s knock them down to simple points.


The game starts with two teams of five people, positioned on the map of your selection. You can play for Terrorists, whose main goal is to plant bombs and keep captives in the special areas, or Counter-Terrorists, who defuse bombs and save prisoners. Depending on your choice, your character gets a particular appearance.

However, the match finishes when either of the teams eliminates the rivals. You get virtual money for each killing or completion of side missions. This money is the core of your team economy.

The selection of a mode also influences the rules of the match. You get a choice of eight available modes, which are described below.


Diversity of game modes in CS:GO is partly why it is so exciting. Users get to experience various conditions in the matches and thus don’t get bored.

  1. Competitive – an excellent mode to start a standard match. Here you form two teams with five people in each. To win you need to overcome rivals in 16 matches. The more you play, the higher your experience gets. In the end, you are a well-armed hero with a wide range of weapons. Apart from missions and arms, you get to come up with strategy and think wisely on the economy of your team.
  2. Wingman – join a team of two persons with all other basic rules of CS:GO applied. To win the game you have to beat your opponents 16 times with completion of the side mission as well.
  3. Casual – teaches novices how to get around the CS:GO world. Today all beginners should firstly boost to the third level to choose other game modes. What’s notable about the mode is that you don’t join the team, but rather play alone, deciding for yourself how to survive. Money and weapons are given to you from the start.
  4. Deathmatch – it’s all about killing as much as you can. The hero can access all the weapons and respawns quickly after death and gets points for killing rivals with special weapons.
  5. Arms Race – the unique feature of the mode is that you are getting new rifles with every killing and not money. The final weapon is a golden knife. Whoever manages to eliminate the opponent first with it, wins the match. Also, characters don’t die in this mode and quickly reappear.
  6. Demolition – within 1 minute and 40 seconds you have either or plant bomb and guard it till it blows or kills the enemies if you are on the side of Terrorists. In the opposite conditions, you have to defuse the bomb or eliminate terrorists. With each kill, you get a more upgraded weapon.
  7. Flying Scoutsman – forget about the gravity and get to shoot on the move. In the mode, you get only two weapons and have to overcome the enemies in 9 matches. Each team consists of 4 players. The unique feature is that you can fly and kill in air.
  8. Weapons Course – a useful offline mode for beginners to sort out the basics of CS:GO. Get a chance to practice in the shooting, planting and defusing bombs.


There are dozens of various maps in the updated game. For every selected mode you get to choose among the available maps. Understandably, you can’t get to remember every map, but it’s important to figure out the unique features of the most popular ones, because it will help you to win.

All maps contain hidden places and spots, convenient for shooting. With practise you’ll get to find them quite quickly, but at first there might be some struggling. Anyway, below is a list of maps that are definitely worth your attention.

  1. Dust II – a noname city in a Middle East
  2. Mirage – a city with a Moroccan style architecture
  3. Inferno – small European town
  4. Canals – a Venice-inspired city
  5. Cache – Ukraine, Chernobyl Power Plant
  6. Biome – a botanical research complex
  7. Austria – snowy scenic landscape
  8. Subzero – American naval base in Arctic


As you can see from a description of modes, CS:GO is mostly a team game. Those few options to play individually are created so that you can upgrade the skills as a beginner.

When playing CS:GO, each character should follow the role. It’s up to you all in a team to decide, what roles you lead. To find out what suits you, it’s best to try out every part at first.

For example, whereas some are effective shooters, others can be good at bomb defusal. When one controls the economy and builds strategy, other can spend time discovering the hidden paths of the map.

When you unite people to form a team, be sure that each of you carries a sufficient role. Your result depends on a collaboration. For a successful result, you should have a strong strategy, manage the economy, have high skills, interact and play coherently.

Sometimes it’s more important how you work as a team than your individual speed and shooting skills.


The weapon store in the game is vast. At first, it may confuse you, but by practicing you will understand how to distinguish the arms and find the one you like. Also, each gun is most suitable in a particular situation, like knives are used to kill an opponent quietly and grenades can affect a couple of opponents at once.

Each weapon has extensive features and unique options. You’ll need some time and a few matches to sort them out. Eventually, you’ll get which one suits you best and meets the requirements of the role you selected. Pay attention to technical features such as the number of bullets and reload time.


It was already mentioned a couple of times that you get to manage the inflow of money in the team. That is what CS:GO economy is about.

When you start a game, the team owns a particular amount of cash. Using it, you can select the armor to fight with. Each weapon has its price, and some are quite expensive so that you can’t allow to have them at start.

With every killing your team also gets money. That is another reason why your team should be well-balanced because the result depends on each and everyone. Various strategies manage the income differently. Some buy powerful weapons immediately as the amount of cash allows it, whereas others wait till the end.

There are no right or wrong actions, it’s just one of the ways the match goes. In the end, you either make or break.

Why Choosing CS:GO?

People just can’t stop talking about the high-ranked video-shooter. And it’s not without a reason. CS:GO unites a lot of necessary aspects for the gamers – it’s dynamic, exciting, fast-changing, logical and social. It’s not a standard shooter to lose an hour or two – it’s a lifestyle, a worldview and a hobby.

The creators of CS:GO knew what people demand. In the core of the game lies a massive insight – users want to socialize while playing, apart from upgrading skills.

Plus, the shooter is simple for the beginners. They don’t want to drop it when can’t succeed. The game motivates to keep trying and, moreover, gives explanations at the beginning to dive you into the world.

Moreover, look at the quality of graphics. Every map is so scrupulously created, with attention to the tiniest details. Also, everything you has an impact on the game in most modes. It all creates a special experience for the gamer.

What is great about the CS:GO is that you don’t get bored playing it and you get to meet like-minded people. Eventually, you become a part of a community that shares your interests and in some ways become your friends.

Constant change of the match development and the need to create strategies and manage budgets make it more interesting and add drops of adventure and realism into the game. At last, new updates appear often, which is intriguing and appealing for the players.

The Utmost CS:GO Tournaments

CS:GO championships play an essential role in the video-game culture. Today the shooter is a vital part of eSports and influences its development. The contests are held in various parts of the world, mostly USA, India, China. They all offer an impressive financial reward, which sometimes reaches the point of a couple of millions.

The best players gather at the CS:GO tournaments, battling for the first place. If they win, not only they get awards, but also popularity, which means the future financial support from brands and companies. In the same time, others can bet on the results using CS:GO gambling sites.

Apart from this, main championships are broadcasted live and is viewed by millions of people all over the world. All of it forms a powerful eSports industry, which generates massive amounts of money annually.

Here are the most notable CS:GO tournaments, held in India:

  • COBX Masters – a championship with unique format and high prizes.
  • Dew Arena – ultimate gaming experience for the players of 4 world-wide known games, including CS:GO. In the end, the top winner is announced.
  • U Cypher – a multi-gaming championship that brings out the finest players and changes their lives.
  • NGS Championship – a battleground with a rewarding prize and decent reputation.

Other significant tournaments include:

  • eXTREAMSLAND – a notable event with players from South-East Asia, including also Australia and New Zeland. The final battle takes place in China.
  • ELEAGUE – a serious tournament that happens in the USA. Its broadcasting covers a huge audience.

CS:GO Trade Sites

Some of the websites mentioned for gambling include trading as well, but not all. Let’s figure out what trading is for.

While playing, you earn or find skins – objects for the look of your character. On the trading sites, you can change or sell them. Some services use them for the betting. Whatever you decide to do with skins, here are the suitable websites:

  • Csmoney – assures of high security when trading skins.
  • Csgowap – easy way to trade skins from various games.
  • Lootfarm – trade with bots or invest skins into the trading pool to get profit.
  • Skinscash – instant trading with secure cashout
  • Csgogems – trade items for skins, key and knives

Tips For CS:GO Betting

  1. Learn as much information as possible before starting gambling.
  2. Start with a low budget to see how it works out.
  3. Spend sums that you can afford.
  4. Read predictions and listen to the experts before betting.
  5. Analyze the statistics to keep track of notable teams.

eSports Growth

eSports is rapidly developing in lots of countries, promising to generate up to $1 billion in the next years. The amount of viewer, joining the broadcasts, is increasing annually as well. It is particularly popular among youth, which raises a question about the future of traditional and eSports.

It is a crucial part of the video game industry. eSports manage to unite gamers, fans and create a strong community of people. With the development of eSports hundreds of gambling sites appear as well, offering a wide range of options for the ones, who are interested in it.

Even Olympic Committee was considering whether to include eSports games to the activities on Olympics, but due to a high level of violence in lots of games the answer was the following – no.

It’s obvious that eSports stand on their own two feet and develops constantly, offering a new approach to gaming for the audience.

Top CS:GO Streamers

Watching streamers are not only fascinating itself, but is also useful. Most streamers make their videos educational, helping novices and pros sort out the unique features of the game. Here are players, who are worth your attention:

    • ScreaM – a serious player, who doesn’t do much talk, but shows how it’s done. You will be mind-blown by his style;
    • Ceh9 – a Russian-speaking streamer with a huge fanbase and awesome gaming skills to learn from;
    • m0E – an entertaining streamer with a perfect balance of useful tips and good jokes;
    • Summit1g – a legendary gamer, who knows how to play with fun and satisfy viewers;
    • PashaBiceps – being an amazing shooter and a funny comedian altogether is what draws so many viewers to the streamer.

Leading CS:GO Teams

    • Astralis
    • Natur Vincere
    • Liquid
    • FaZe
    • MIBR
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